Jeremy J Matthews

Jeremy grew up learning oil painting from his mother. She would take him to the museum, and they would get as close as possible to each painting. She broke down all the techniques that were used to  achieve contrast and depth, why objects were added and why some were omitted. She helped him understand that every brush stoke was important.

When he was a young teenager he went out with his brother, who painted graffiti, to act as a lookout in abandoned buildings, under bridges, and on railroad cars. He learned that art is more than technique, it is about style, and finding your own voice, standing out from the crowd. He taught him that you can’t be afraid to take risks. And that you’ll get better each time you go out, to keep drawing and painting.

Jeremy spent his twenties cutting down trees from sun up to sun down. At night he would listen to music and paint, but it was just a hobby. Then in his thirties he was given a Sony point and shoot camera. It was the first time he felt like he had a voice. After a few years he decided give in to his new obsession and enroll in photo school. He attended Hallmark Institute of Photography. He studied under one of his idols, Gregory Heisler, who taught him how to shape and sculpt light.

After graduation, and following the birth of his second child he was lucky enough to get a first assistant position for the best commercial photographer in Pittsburgh, Frank Walsh. He learned really fast that he had to get good at everything real quick. He learned to improvise on set, to solve technical problems as they came up without anyone ever knowing. That above all else the client’s experience must always be the most important thing from start to finish, to always exceed expectations. Frank taught Jeremy that for a modern photographer to survive he must be ever improving and staying on the cutting edge, to be ever evolving or to be left behind.

After more than a year he decided to make the leap and go off on his own. He had technical skill, talent, a unique eye, and many stories to tell.